Bonding Before Birth Diamond 4D Video + Teddy  Bear 


Special Offer £135

23 -34 Weeks

  • Confirmation of single/multiple pregnancy
  • See  & listen heartbeat
  • 2 x 2D standard photo print (black & white)
  • 2 x photo print (Colour)
  • Fetal well-being report ( position of baby & Position of the placenta)
  • Gender  Conformation (if Require)
  • Double timing to 4D video scan
  • 4D movie recording of your scan
  • Digital copies of all scan images
  • 2 Keyring colour photo
  • 1 Teddy bear + Heart Beat Recorder
  • Newborn Baby Photography Gift Vouchers
  • Free Re-scan guarantee if applicable one time)
  • Gift Pack

Total Duration 45 Minutes

  • For paperwork/relaxation 10 minute
  • For scanning 15  minute
  • For photo & report 15 minute

Best time for 4D Scan

We recommend the best time for 4D is between 24-30 weeks.

For multiple pregnancies, we recommend 22 – 26 weeks.

If you have an anterior placenta, 23 – 27 weeks to ensure there’s plenty of room for baby to move.

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