Early Pregnancy Scan | Reassurance Scan 

Offer Price £81

   7 Weeks+0 days  –  17 Weeks.


First Conformation scan doesn’t Replace your 12 week Down syndrome Scan with NHS.

Early Pregnancy Scan & Reassurance Scan

Package includes

  • Confirm Early pregnancy
  • Location of Pregnancy
  • Number of Pregnancy
  • See heartbeat
  • 2D Photos (Black & White)
  • Basic obstetric report
  • Gift Pack

Total Duration 30 Minutes:

  • Transabdominal Scan 2D
  • 4D Free peek Available after 12 weeks+, Not before (optional)
  • Arrive 10 minutes before the appointment for the paperwork
  • For Scanning 10 minute
  • For Photo & Report 10 minute


Guests are always welcome, we comfortably accommodate more than 4 plus yourself during the whole of your appointment. But during COVID-19 only one Guest (Partner/Husband) is allowed

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